Practice Resources

Practice Resources

From time to time the Association develops resources to support members and theirs teams in their practice. The purpose of these resources is to save time and effort and to help provide a better and more relevant service to patients.

Whilst we try to ensure that these resources are up-to-date and accurate by checking them regularly, we do rely on members to tell us if anything has changed in between.

If you spot anything that needs to be changed, or have an idea for another resource that may help you and your colleagues, please pass on your ideas to Nicole at

Driving licences

External services & products

  • Indigenous eye health & resource kits  
  • Lantern tests
  • Low vision services
  • Locum services
  • Prescribing for public patients
  • Prosthetic eyes
  • Second-hand spectacle donations
  • Spectacles for Down Syndrome children
  • Flinders Glare Test (under development)

Locum List

Ophthalmology Directory

  • A comprehensive list of all SA ophthalmologists listed alphabetically, along with their contact details, consulting room details and sub-specialties.
  • SA ophthalmologists listed by sub-specialty
  • SA ophthalmologists listed by the suburb they consult in

Optometrists with expertise in specialist areas

  • Paediatric
  • CASA credentialed optometrists
  • Cornea and contact lenses
  • Low vision
  • Therapeutic prescribers
Resources for therapeutic prescribers

Referring to (non-ophthalmology) medical specialists

There may be times when a patient asks you to refer them direct to a medical specialist other than an ophthalmologist. For example, a patient with diabetes may request a referral to an endocrinologist.

As an optometrist, you can do this. However, under the Medicare rules, there are implications for the patient with regards to the amount of the specialist's bill that Medicare will cover, if the referral does not come from the patient's GP.

Only ophthalmology can bill at the specialist rate following referral from an optometrist. In the case of referral to other specialists (such as an endocrinologist) referred rates are not paid and revert to the GP rate.

Some wording from the MBS:

“Optometrists are required to refer a patient for medical attention when it becomes apparent to them that the patient's condition is such that it would be more appropriate for treatment to be undertaken by a medical practitioner.

Optometrists may refer patients directly to specialist ophthalmologists with the patient being able to claim benefits for the ophthalmologist's services at the referred specialist rate.

Optometrists may refer patients directly to another optometrist, based on the clinical needs of the patient.

A referral letter or note must have been issued by the optometrist for all such services provided by specialist ophthalmologists or optometrists in order for patients to be eligible for Medicare benefits at the referred rate.

Unless such a letter or note has been provided, benefits will be paid at the unreferred rate.

Medicare benefits at the referred rate are not paid for patients referred by optometrists to consultant physicians or to specialists other than ophthalmologists. See relevant paragraph O9 regarding emergency situations.”


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