SA and Vic: together achieving more for members

photo_kurt and murrayAs optometry professionals, you need the best support possible from your professional association to keep ahead of new discoveries, new regulations and develop your skills. You also need member fees to be kept fair, while not missing out on any       of the services that help you get the most out of your practice.

Together with Optometry Victoria, over the past year we’ve been exploring the benefits and options of operating under a new, combined single entity. 

Our two Boards believe joining together will make us a stronger, more effective member association for you, and have greater capacity to advocate for the issues that matter to you most. 

Members will make the choice

The proposal for joining our two organisations (Optometry South Australia and Optometry Victoria) into a single entity (Optometry VicSA) will be presented to you for endorsement at the October Annual General Meeting by OSA President Kurt Larsen (pictured  above on the right with OVic President Murray Smith at recent discussions between the two Boards).                                                                                    

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing the detail of the model for the proposed ‘amalgamation’ and you’re invited to ask questions, and raise any concerns you may have.

Our boards are confident this is a move in the right direction and you should be too.

What you need to do

When the time comes for the October AGM, you will be asked for your endorsement of the proposal.  You can either attend in person, or you can mail back an endorsement by proxy to be tabled at the AGM.  More details in coming months. 

In the meantime, there will be plenty of opportunity to give your feedback and ask questions of our Board, CEO and Member Consultation Group members about aspects of the proposal. Regular updates will be provided on our website, via E-wink and via newsletters. You can send an email direct to Libby, our CEO at or call her at (08) 8372 7814.                                                    

Many benefits of joining together                                                                                                                                                            

Joining together into a single association will help achieve more for our members, and make changes that innovate, improve and future-proof our associations.

Access to broader skills and better training

Joining forces with OVic means that the training and CPD offering and our services will become more wide-reaching and varied, because combined buying power means we can get better value for our members. 

We can also draw from a wider pool of expert staff, combining the strong capability of OSA's policy and legislation knowledge and matching it with OVic’s innovative CPD and member networking opportunities. 

Costs down, services up

Having a single entity allows us to be more efficient with our finances, our resources and the way we operate - which benefits all members by keeping costs down and the value of our service strong.  Joining together allows us to be more effective in allocating a larger pool of funding to services, not administration and operating costs.

Stronger voice, certain future

Importantly, joining forces keeps us strong together, as an effective voice for southern optometrist so that we can plan for our future and have greater capacity to advocate for the issues that matter to you most.

A collaborative approach

The transition planning will be professional and transparent, and we look forward to sharing with members the processes and considerations undertaken when making decisions.  Our promise to members is that there will be no lag in any of the services you’ve come to see from us in any transition to a single entity.

We encourage you to share with us your concerns and your ideas, either through the Consultation Group mechanisms or directly via phone, mail or email.