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Strive for improvement in dispensing


By Leigh Robinson
Spectrum Optical
President, Australian Dispensing Opticians Association (VIC)


The advancement in lens technology offers the opportunity for practices to provide patients with premium lens options that will provide optimal visual comfort and performance.

Contemporary lens design methods deliver optimisation or individualisation of lens power for each patient. Most lens companies provide lens products that have been designed using computer algorithms to enable them to specify the power to pin-point precision minimising oblique astigmatism.

As a wearer of these latest lens design technologies, I can attest to the remarkable wearability of this technology.

Freeform is purely the method of surfacing the lens to produce the optimised lens design by using a three-dimensional generating-and-surfacing process.

The information that we provide to lens laboratories will determine the degree of lens optimisation that the laboratory can provide for your patient’s lenses. The more information we can give to the laboratory, the better the lens it can produce. Vertex distance, dihedral angle (face form) and pantoscopic tilt are all required parameters for optimised lenses.

Measuring these parameters takes extra time but is ‘smart optics’.

The remarkable towers, tablets and other technologies developed by lens companies such as Hoya (TrueView), Zeiss (i.Terminal), Essilor (Visioffice), Shamir (Panorameter) and CR Surfacing (the Shaw Lens) give consistent and accurate measurements and provide practices with a professional edge.

Utilising the individualisation technology which considers the ‘as worn’ position of the frame, we are provided with the opportunity to dispense the perfect result for patients who in the past have had to accept ‘best possible’ vision.

If used correctly and continually, accuracy of measurements and successful dispensing can be virtually guaranteed.


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