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Don’t stress out


Will Chelepy



Will Chelepy is president of the Queensland Optometry Students Society for 2016. Celebrating its 50th Year, QOSS has exciting events planned for optometry students.


By Will Chelepy
QOSS President

I chose optometry due to the strong job prospects and competitive salary, as well as the diverse scope of practice and range of services optometrists provide.

The main reason I chose QUT was due to the facilities it had to offer, particularly the large, busy, on-campus clinic. I love the challenges that come with studying optometry, and then overcoming these challenges.

My hobbies include surfing, sports, cooking, music, which help me maintain a healthy university/life balance. I also love to travel and spent month in India over November and December 2015. While there, I spent two weeks volunteering at the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad. I definitely won’t forget the 12-hour days, six days a week.

In the future I would love to specialise in a particular area of optometry, maybe binocular vision or contact lenses, while maintaining my general skills of course.


This year is a big one for QOSS: it’s our 50th birthday. Within the first month we have completely restructured the layout of the executive team, formally affiliated with QUT’s Student Guild and started fundraising for a big year in 2016.

We’re always trying to increase student to student interaction, so we have created a brand new orientation for our students commencing in 2016. It’s a fully-funded day trip to the Gold Coast for swimming, beach sports and a sausage sizzle cooked by the executive team.

Not only do we hope this will help the students form the strong supportive network essential for university, it will also give us a chance to connect with the first-years on a more personal level because everyone has a story and we want to know theirs.

We are also in talks with Optometry Queensland to develop a mentorship program between fifth-year optometry students and recent graduates who are members of the Young Optometrists QLD Division. This partnership will hopefully give our fifth-year students some much needed guidance, both professional and social, in a very important year of their studies. 

My ultimate goal for the year is to leave the society in a better place than when I found it and to leave a positive legacy for future years.


Don’t stress out. Studying optometry can be challenging but if you got into optometry in the first place, you are more than up for the challenge.

It’s also important to make sure to show up to as many social events you can. The friends you make, especially in older years, will make your studying life much easier.

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