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Tong on top


Janelle Tong


By Ashleigh McMillan


Janelle Tong is delighted that her hard work resulted in her being awarded the University Medal at the 2015 University of New South Wales School of Optometry and Vision Science graduation ceremony on 16 June.

The medal recognises outstanding academic performance by a student in a bachelor degree across a program. It is traditionally awarded to only one student from each faculty.

Janelle said her discipline during the course had paid off with awards and employment opportunities.

‘The University Medal was unexpected but definitely a nice surprise. It was great that all my hard work at university was rewarded like that.

‘I am now lucky enough to work at a practice which has a focus on aspects of optometry I hadn’t considered such as hard contact lenses. I think in the end, my success at university certainly helped my employer to make the decision to employ me,’ she said.

Janelle also received the Leonard Fine Luxottica Memorial Prize in Optometry and Vision Science, the Transitions Optical Prize, the Specsavers Prize for Excellence in Patient Management, and the Optometric Vision Research Foundation Prize, which she shared with Wilson Luu.   

Sixty-nine Bachelor of Optometry/Bachelor of Science students graduated at the ceremony, which was held at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Females comprised 63 per cent of the 2015 optometry graduates.

Four post-graduate students received a Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics, and two students graduated with a Master of Optometry.

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