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Tasmanian Optometry Foundation

 Conditions - Grants and Scholarships Award

The Tasmanian Optometry Foundation is providing financial assistance to promote excellence in optometry in Tasmania and to encourage continuing professional development. Financial assistance may be given to registered optometrists working in Tasmanian, Tasmanian students undertaking optometric studies or Tasmanian's undertaking research in optometry.

  • The awards will be known as the Tasmanian Optometry Foundation Scholarship.

  • The awards will be advertised annually and have a value of up to $5,000.

  • Applicants must be registered and working in Tasmania or able to demonstrate an advantage to Tasmania.

  • The awards will normally be granted to an optometrist, student or researcher wishing to upgrade their qualification or enhance their professional development or contribute to the advancement of optometry in Tasmania.

  • The award will be made by the Directors of the Tasmanian Optometry Foundation to the candidate(s) who in their opinion will benefit optometry and the individual most in the areas of professional development, patient care, research or community involvement.

  • Awardees will be required to submit a report to the Foundation within two months of the completion of the funded activity.

  • Awardees will be required to present on the funded activity at the next Optometry Tasmania annual conference or similar forum within 12 months if requested.

    (a) Undergraduate applicants are to include a copy of their academic record and the name of a person prepared to provide a professional reference and a person prepared to provide a character reference.

     (b) All other applicants are to provide the name of a person able to provide a character reference and a
     professional reference.  

  • Download an application form or request from the Tasmanian Optometry Foundation office, 295 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay, Ph. (03) 6224 3360.

  • Applications close on 30 June. The successful applicant(s) will be announced prior to 31 August.

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