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Why should you join?

Optometry Tasmania is the only professional organisation in our State committed to supporting you throughout all your career stages. Membership of our organisation ensures that you are never alone because we support you with the tools, advice and information that you need for your professional success. As we are part of a national network, you will also be joining the largest community of optometrists in Australia, supporting our united commitment to deliver the very best in eye health and patient care.

We strongly believe that the more we can work together the more we can create a more rewarding and secure future for optometrists. If it is important to optometry, it is important to you and therefore, important to us.

Since our establishment as a single State body 100 years ago, Optometry Tasmania has remained 100% owned and driven by individual optometrists as members. As the peak professional body for optometrists, when we speak, key influencers listen which is why we are effective at delivering the necessary policy changes that protect, grow and progress our sector.

Working closely with other healthcare professions, we promote a greater understanding of our profession’s essential role in broader healthcare management.

We are here to always support you, making it easier for you to be the best optometrist you can be. The benefits of membership are many and the value we deliver, extensive. We encourage you to lead with us, to engage with us and to promote with us.

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Who can join?

Membership of Optometry Tasmania is open to all optometrists registered to practise optometry in Australia and currently residing in Tasmania. We have a range of membership categories to suit all and annual membership fees vary depending on your membership level. The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June and if you join mid-year your membership fee will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

To find out more about membership levels and fees, please contact us.

Renewing your membership

When you renew your membership, your fees enable us to employ a team of highly skilled professionals charged with delivering the range of activities designed specifically to lead, engage and promote optometry, optometrists and community eye health.

Transferring your membership

If you wish to transfer your membership from another Optometry Australia State Division to Optometry Tasmania please contact us.

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If you like more information please email