About Us

Optometry Victoria's Strategic Plan 2018-21


Excellence in eye and vision care.


To lead, engage and promote optometry, optometrists and community eye health.

Who we are:

    •  We are the member-based professional organisation that actively strengthens supports
       and promotes the profession of optometry and eye health, on behalf of all
    •  We are the influential voice that unites and advances the profession.
    •  We are ‘Optometrists for Optometry’

Our Strategic goals are achieved through shared common values.

These values underpin our behaviour and are what make us Optometry Victoria (OV):

    •  Forward thinking
    •  Integrity and trust
    •  Responsible and accountable
    •  Strategic vision
    •  Teamwork

We will support the delivery of better eye health and vision outcomes for the Victorian community through the delivery of the three year strategic plan

The plan links strongly to Optometry Australia's strategic plan, making a real difference in strengthening, supporting and promoting the profession.