Children's vision resource

70,000 Prep children and their families to receive resource

Children's vision resource 2018

Optometry Victoria's Children's Vision resource 'A guide to healthy eyes for kids and parents' was distributed to 70,000 children and their families starting Prep at a Victorian state school in 2019. 

Practical information for parents on common vision issues in children, and strategies for achieving good eye health are a key feature of the resource. There are also fun activities for kids to complete including a maze and an Eye Girl model that kids can make and keep. 

The resource includes a strong call to action to parents, to have their children's eyes checked by their local optometrist. Optometry Australia's Good Vision for Life website is promoted as a place where parents can find their local optometrist. 

Optometry Victoria thanks the Victorian Department of Education and Training for their support in promoting good eye health in children.