ODMA and Optometry Victoria launch O=MEGA19


ODMA and Optometry Victoria have announced the most significant change to the optometric conferences and events landscape in Australia for many years. The two market leaders in optics education and events have joined forces to launch O=MEGA19, a biennial event which will be the largest education, eye care and eyewear event ever seen in Australia.

Replacing SRC and ODMA19, O=MEGA combines the most credentialed and largest annual optometry conference in the Southern Hemisphere with the largest eye care and eyewear show in Australia.

Speaking at the O=MEGA19 brand launch at OShow in Melbourne, ODMA Chairman Rob Sparkes said “In the new global landscape of optics we cannot wait for change. We need to deliver change. We hope the entire industry will embrace this united joint venture.”

Optometry Victoria President Murray Smith said “We think O=MEGA19 will be extraordinary. O=MEGA19 brings the best of SRC and ODMAFAIR together. We think optometrists and others involved in the optics industry will really love this opportunity to come together and learn, network, and work with suppliers to help us all do our jobs better.”

O=MEGA19 will be held in the new expansion at MCEC which is fully integrated with the conference space. It will have a new modern schedule including dedicated exhibition-only time to suit both delegates and exhibitors alike. There will also be a 40 point CPD minimum, a new format including lectures, sponsored sessions, team-based learning and small group workshops, a design junction fashion eyewear area, and a cocktail party on the Saturday night.

Speaking about the legacy of SRC and ODMA Fair, Murray Smith said “Optometry Victoria is very proud of SRC and the legacy it has built – many of our members love it. So do we. But the way continuing education is being delivered is changing, and we need to be at the forefront of that conversation. O=MEGA19 makes that happen. It’s really exciting and we thank ODMA for their work with us on this project so far.”

Mr Sparkes concurred: “ODMA Fair and our other products have been the cornerstone of optics events in Australia for as long as most people can remember. We’re proud of that legacy. In fact, it’s only because of the strength of our events that we can be so forward-looking and ambitious with O=MEGA19. It’s a truly exciting initiative and we can’t wait to bring it to market in 2019. ODMA looks forward to working with Optometry Victoria to deliver an international world class event.” 

View the launch video here


Presented by ODMA and Optometry Victoria

An international event showcasing the best in education, eye care and eye wear

Date: 19-21 July 2019

Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre