YES! OV and OSA to merge

Historic member vote directs OV and OSA to merge

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30 October 2018

Last night at Optometry Victoria's AGM, member votes on the proposal to amalgamate with Optometry South Australia were counted. Voting was undertaken by an external organisation and supervised by auditors McLean Delmo Bentleys, to ensure transparency and compliance.

I’m able to report that there were 376 votes cast across the five resolutions, with an average ‘yes’ vote of 95.61 per cent. A similarly strong ‘yes’ vote was cast by our South Australian colleagues.

This is a resounding show of support for our shared vision.

For us, the substantive work must continue – it is now up to us to live up to the mandate from our membership. Alongside this we must continue to show leadership within the federation and demonstrate that collaboration and collegiality is the way forward, for the profession and the association alike.

Congratulations to all who have been involved in bringing the amalgamation concept to a successful resolution. We’re looking forward to what comes next. 

Murray Smith, President Optometry Victoria

To read more about the benefits of amalgamation, and what it might mean for members click here

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