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Optometry Victoria: united, dynamic and progressive

Thank you to our members, for your continued support of Optometry Victoria. A strong association means a better profession – for you, and for the eye health of all Australians.

In Victoria, around 90 per cent of practicing optometrists hold association membership – the highest level of membership in mainland Australia.

Membership subscriptions for 2018-19 are due by 30 June 2018. The 2018-19 membership category fees can be viewed here

To renew your membership log-in to the member portal, using your membership number and password. Alternatively contact the office during business hours on (03) 9652 9100, and our staff can assist you.   

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This year, 2017-18, has been one of strong, continued direct engagement between Optometry Victoria and our members. More than 450 members across the state have attended our CPD seminars, and SRC isn’t on until 26 and 27 May. In the regional areas of Mornington Peninsula, Mildura, Ballarat, Geelong and Warrnambool and in metropolitan Melbourne, members have come together to catch up and learn.

Meanwhile our dynamic Early Career Optometrists Victoria committee have greatly expanded their own program. Members in their first decade of practice have spent time networking and learning, but perhaps equally importantly thinking about what’s next for them; what they think should be next for the profession, and what their association should do to help make their working lives rewarding. 

We’ve also worked closely with both Deakin University and the University of Melbourne to recognise outstanding final year students, recruit student members, explain the power of association membership, and remind them of the strength that comes from the collective.

With SRC in late May and our two Melbourne glaucoma seminars in mid-June, we’ll have seen the vast majority of our members this year. We hope there has been something for everyone.

As always this engagement is supported by practice visits, support services and communications products from the Secretariat, including the distribution this year of 70,000 children’s vision resources for all public school Prep children and their families.  

Added to that, the national organisation continues to direct the policy and advocacy conversations for the profession, as well as provide quality publications and professional services.

Finally, with membership you receive the peace of mind that comes with having the best quality professional indemnity insurance on the market. As with many things, we all get what we pay for, and the association firmly believes members shouldn’t take a risk with inferior coverage and medico-legal support and knowhow.

If you have a colleague who is no longer a member, or is considering leaving the association, our CEO Pete Haydon would love to speak to them. The hard reality is that those who leave the association are leaving those who remain to advance the profession on their behalf. Fewer members also weakens our capacity to advocate on behalf of all optometrists.

It’s only through strength in numbers that we can make positive change that benefits individual members, the profession and ultimately, patients and the delivery of community eye care.

So join with us, and we hope to see you, or speak to you soon.

Please note that a late fee applies ($100) if payment isn’t received by the due date of 30 June. If you have any special circumstances that mean you want to make alternative payment arrangements call the office on (03) 9652 9100 and talk to our CEO Pete Haydon about a payment plan.