Policies & Guidelines

Information, policies and guidelines

One of our key roles at Optometry Victoria is to provide the information and support members to help you practice optometry at the highest standards. We have worked to develop standards, information and guidelines about aspects of optometry practice or commonly asked questions.

Guideline Dispensing and Prescribing Information Used Glasses

Optometry Victoria Position Statements

Optometry Victoria Position Statements represent the views of the Board on key issues in optometry.

Other policies for members

Information on our Policy on sending Third Party Emails to Members

From time to time, we receive requests from third parties (such as optical industry companies or eye care organisations) to distribute information to Optometry Victoria members. In general,  we do not distribute advertising or other promotional material for specific products or services. We may, at times, choose to forward information where we believe it will be of value or interest to a range of members. All material is sent in accordance with our Policy (which can be downloaded from the link at the left). We will only forward information to those members who have indicated they are prepared to receive information sent on behalf of third parties.