CPD requirements for optometrists

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential part of the practice of optometry. It improves the standard of care provided to patients, and helps to maintain the professional image of optometry in the broader community.

Optometry Victoria supports the requirement of the Optometry Board of Australia that all practicing optometrists undertake CPD.

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CPD points

Registered optometrists must accrue a minimum of 80 points over the previous two registration periods, in order to renew their registration with the Optometry Board of Australia. A registration period runs from 1 December to 30 November.

Points can be accrued by undertaking accredited or non-accredited activities, or a combination of both.  A variety of activities must be undertaken.

Points (over two registration periods)


24 points minimum

face-to-face CPD activities

60 points minimum

clinical CPD activities

no more than 20

activities relating to optical goods and equipment provided by suppliers or manufacturers


education related to endorsement for scheduled medicines for those optometrists endorsed under section 94 of the National Law

New graduates

The CPD points requirement is pro-rated for optometrists who have only been registered for part of the registration period, including new graduates.

Family leave and other temporary absence from practice

Optometrists who take a temporary absence from practice of up to twelve months do not need to meet the CPD requirements for the period that they do not practice. Pro-rated CPD requirements apply for any part of the registration period for which they practice.

Optometrists must notify the Optometry Board of Australia of a temporary absence. A temporary absence must be associated with special circumstances such as family leave, long service leave, or illness.

A template email and relevant details for notifying the OBA of a temporary absence are available in the CPD frequently asked questions (2013) document, on the OBA website.

For absences of longer than 12 months, optometrists must refer to the Optometry Board of Australia’s Recency of practice registration standard.

CPD portfolio

All optometrists must develop and maintain a CPD portfolio that identifies their learning needs and the type of activities they plan to undertake to meet those needs. In addition the portfolio should include:

  • For accredited activities, a summary record from Optometry Australia or any other approved provider, of accredited activities undertaken, and
  • For non-accredited activities, the learning objectives of the activity, how it relates to the individual personal CPD needs, and an evaluation of the activities to determine whether the desired outcomes have been achieved.

CPR training

In addition to the minimum 80 points over two registration periods, all registered optometrists must have completed within the previous three registration periods, training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This training must be provided by or through an approved training provider.

CPD opportunities

OV offers accredited CPD activities through OV’s annual Southern Regional Congress (SRC), regular CPR training, and ad-hoc CPD workshops and seminars.

For more information on OV’s activities, click here

To view Optometry Australia’s CPD calendar, click here.

Optometry Australia records CPD attendance for members. Members can view their individual CPD record by logging into the OA website, and clicking on ‘My CPD record’.

Further information

For more information or personal and confidential advice about CPD contact Optometry Victoria on (03) 9652 9100 or email office.vic@optometry.org.au