Optometry self-audit tool

Optometry Victoria has a role to protect and further the interests of both individual optometrists and the profession. We have developed the optometry self-audit tool to enable members to consider their own practice in relation to guidelines, policies and legislative instruments that optometrists need to be familiar with, understand or compliant. 


The tool is divided into eight sections. 

Under each section heading, you will find information about and links to a range of relevant practice information, guidelines or policies outlining expected standards and best practice in that area.

We have included the following sorts of information.

  • Optometry competencies.
  • Optometry registration standards, including additional underpinning guidelines and policies.
  • Legislative frameworks covering optometry.
  • Clinical standards and guidelines.
  • Guidelines for or information about practice policies and procedures.

In each section you will find:

  • hyperlink to access the document online;
  • information about who developed and endorsed the document and when, and
  • description of the document.

Simply click on the blue hyperlinks to read or download any of the documents.

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