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Below you will find links to sites that can provide you with contact details or general information about the visual standards for some other key occupations and activities about which we are asked from time to time.  We suggest that you use the links as a guide and for specific information, follow up with the organisation in question. Many of the organisations, such as Victoria Police, have specialist medical units who may be able to assist with advice on standards. Others, such as the Australian Defence Force, have complex requirements best discussed on a case by case basis.

Australian Defence Force

Visual standards required for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are complex, and may vary dependent on the nature of specific roles or tasks to be carried out. There may be additional requirements over the minimum visual requirements for many defence occupations. Optometry Victoria recommends this be discussed on a case by case basis in consultation with ADF recruitment advisers.

The FAQ page on the Defence Jobs Australia website has some additional information.  

Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) requires all recruits to meet standards for visual acuity and colour vision.

More information is available on the AFP Careers website

Marine licences

Licences for recreational boats in Victoria are administered by VicRoads. People applying for boat licences must have an eyesight test. The same visual standards apply as for driver's licences, discussed below.

For more information visit the VicRoads website

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Visual requirements for licenced flight crew are complex. Some information about the vision standards required can be found in the Designated Aviation Medical Examiner's Handbook.

Vision examinations in relation to air crew licensing can only be carried out by practitioners approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Optometrists approved to perform eye examinations for CASA are known as Credentialed Optometrists.

Optometry Australia's website has more information about becoming a credentialed optometrist.

Metropolitan Ambulance Service

The Metropolitan Ambulance Service requires that applicants for all operational roles hold a current full Victorian Driver's Licence. 

Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board

The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board requires all applicants to undertake a full pre-employment medical examination. Some eyesight disorders including colour blindness, may result in a person being deemed unfit to undertake firefighting duties.

Tram Drivers

All tram drivers are required to undergo a medical examination as part of a recruitment process. This includes testing for colour blindness, and restrictions apply for people with this condition. Information about the recruitment process can be found on the Yarra Trams website

Train Drivers

All train drivers are required to undergo a medical examination as part of the recruitment process, which includes visual testing. Restrictions apply for people with colour blindness.

Victoria Police

Victoria Police requires recruits to meet certain eyesight standards depending on the role. Further information is available on the Victoria Police website

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