Workplace Relations

Workplace Relations Issues: Overview

How Optometry Victoria can help

Optometry Victoria is able to help you by answering general queries and guidance on a number of workplaces relations issues and matters for optometrists. We can:

  • provide general advice on contracts, or discuss your contract with you

  • provide general advice and assistance on your rights or responsibilities under the new Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards

  • provide general assistance to students in understanding or negotiating contracts.

Optometry Australia Employer Assist Service

Optometry Australia represents a diverse range of registered optometrists in Australia. We have developed two distinct services to assist all members in relation to human resource and workplace relations advice.

Members who are employed in an optometry practice can contact Optometry Victoria for professional and confidential advice on employment issues on (03) 9652 9100 or email

For members who are employers of optometrists, Optometry Australia has partnered with Employer Assist by Industrial Legal Group (formally Indigo Legal) to provide advice to employer members. 

This separation ensures that our organisation is not providing competing advice to members and there is appropriate separation. 

National Employment Standards

Most Australian employees are covered by a set of minimum workplace standards. These National Employment Standards over-ride inferior conditions in pre-existing agreements, and guarantee a number of workplace conditions. Under the Act, an employer must not contravene any of these standards.

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