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Welcome to our new Video Library where we will store and enable you to view videos produced by Optometry Australia. Optometry Australia's mission is to lead, engage and promote optometry, optometrists and community eye health and vision care.

Optometry 2040 - Taking control of our future

Optometry Australia launches its Optometry 2040 Futures Project with a webcast, the first in a series of workshop and member engagement events that will look at how the sector and industry is preparing itself for change in the coming years. Watch and learn how Futures thinking works and how we are preparing the Optometry profession and its members for 2040. Watch video here.

Are you a small fish in a large pond? A world-leading future studies expert, Professor Sohail Inayatullah, says metaphors help define who we are. Register for our free webinar on taking control of optometry's future to hear more from Sohail. Watch video here. 

The game is changing - are you ready? Future studies expert, Professor Sohail Inayatullah, uses metaphores to explain how you need to be agile and adaptable to be competitive. Register for our free webinar on taking control of optometry's future to hear more from Sohail. Watch video here. 

Private Health Insurance Rebate Rules

Optometry Australia has released a video that clarifies the differing rebate rules of competing private health insurance funds. Watch video here

Optometry Finance Australia and Partners Legal joint service 

Interested in purchasing a practice and require assistance with valuations, contracts, leasing, legal issues plus you need finance? then take a look at this video from two Advantage Program partners which have joined forced to assist Optometry Australia members.

What happens in an eye examination? take a look here

The Morning Show - Eye health

Kate Gifford, President of Optometry Australia, discusses eye health and the importance of regular eye examinations with an optometrist on Channel 7's The Morning Show.

You can view the video here

Good Vision for Life - An Optometry Australia initiative

Good Vision for Life is a hub devoted to your eye health. We give you all you need to know about good vision and help you to find your nearest optometrist. Watch the introductory video here.

Help stop the freeze on MBS rebates for optometry

In the lead up to the July 2016 Federal Election, Optometry Australia is calling on members to help us tell the Coalition Government and all major political parties why stopping the freeze on MBS rebates for optometry is so important. See our video for more information

Ensure your voice is heard in the lead up to the July 2016 Federal Election. To help stop the freeze, we are asking all Optometry Australia members to write a letter to the Minister for Health, the Hon. Sussan Ley MP.

Get involved! – email or write to the Minister for Health

Medicare webinar

Optometry Australia delivering its first webinar on working smarter with Medicare – a practical guide to better use and billing. The webinar combines case study discussion and lecture-style interludes. 

SA Blue Sky Congress

We would to share some videos with you which provide feedback and insights from previous years:
Blue Sky 2015 promotion video
Why go to Blue Sky  - 1 Elise Pocknee
Why go to Blue Sky  - 2 Grant Hannaford
Why go to Blue Sky  - 3 Richard Madonna
Why go to Blue Sky  - 4 Gary Edwards
What sponsors think - 1 John Nicola (Optiqueline)
What sponsors think - 2 Andrew Herbert (Johnson and Johnson)

Australia's first National Eye Health Map

Our inaugural video titled 'Our Influential Voice' features a message from our President Kate Gifford in which she discusses Australia's first National Eye Health Map. Thousands of Australians living in regional areas are facing an increased risk of long-term eye and vision issues due to limited access to optometric services.
Click on Advocacy Media above to view the 'Our Influential Voice' video.

Educational videos to enhance teaching of low vision

This group of four (4) videos has been developed as an educational resource to enhance the teaching of low vision to optometry students, and may also be of interest to practising optometrists. This resource was developed with the support of a Victorian Optometrists Training and Education (VOTE) Trust grant.
Click on the Educational & Training Resources folder above to view these videos.