About Us

About Us

The Influential Voice for Optometry

Optometry Western Australia is the peak professional body for WA-based optometrists and we have been shaping our sector for over 100 years.

We respect our members and are responsive to your needs and to the eye health needs of the Australian community.

At Optometry Western Australia, we uphold the highest levels of integrity, ensuring that we act responsibly, honestly and openly.

We are strategic in our thinking and always challenging ourselves to do things differently. This means we are constantly innovating which has empowered us to play such a key influencing role in the optometry sector.

Optometry Western Australia works collaboratively with our members and with our national State-based member organisations throughout Australia, providing us with a powerful and influential network aimed at benefitting optometrists everywhere.

Our Council is comprised completely of member representatives who are voted in by and represent all WA members. Our members are then represented on the Optometry Australian Board by an Optometry Western Australia representative.

Whether you own your practice, work for another optometrist or corporate optometry provider, or are a researcher or academic, Optometry Western Australia is equally relevant to you.

By renewing, or becoming a member in Optometry Western Australia, you will be investing in your career and your professional future.

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