Code of Ethics

About Us

It shall be the ideal, the resolve, and the duty of the members of Optometry Australia:

  • to keep the visual welfare of the patient upper-most at all times;
  • to promote in every possible way in collaboration with the association their educational and technical proficiency to the end that their patients shall receive the benefits of all acknowledged improvements in vision care;
  • to hold in professional confidence all information concerning a patient and to use such data only for the benefit of the patient;
  • to advise patients whenever consultation with an optometric colleague or other professional care seems advisable;
  • to see that no person shall lack for visual care;
  • to conduct themselves as exemplary citizens;
  • to maintain practices in keeping with professional standards;
  • to never advertise or suggest that in any way their qualifications, equipment or techniques are superior;
  • to maintain and promote cordial and useful mutual relationships with members of their own profession and of other professions, for the interchanging of information for the advantage of their patients.