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Latest News

Optometry Western Australia - Special General Meeting - Monday 20th May 2019

OWA President, Rob Howie, wrote to you nearly three months ago to advise that the OWA had recently completed a review and update of our Constitution as required by the State Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety.  As well as aligning the new constitution with the requirements of the Act, OWA also took the opportunity to review our objectives, powers and update other elements of our Constitution, so it remained relevant and responsive to our members needs and offered the highest possible level of governance and integrity.

If you wish to view what was sent out to all OWA members, then please click on the relevant links below;

A reminder of the Notice of Special General Meeting previously sent 

Changes to the 2015 Rules - Highlighted in colour and for Reference Only 

Final 2019 Rules

Proxy Form - If you are unable to attend please fill out a proxy form.  You should nominate someone that you know is attending the SGM - you do not have to contact that person first, just put either Robert Howie or Gary Crerie as they are attending the meeting and have already been nominated by others submitting their proxy forms.  The proxy forms need to be received by the OWA office no later than 48 hours before the time of the SGM, which is 6pm on Saturday 18th May. Send to  If you have any concerns or queries please email or