Member Resources

There are many resources available to members on the Optometry Australia website. To utilise these, you may need to download documents and presentations that require specific software applications to view them.
  • Downloading- When downloading documents and resources available on this website, PC users should right-click (i.e. the right hand mouse button) and choose "save as" from the pop-up window. Mac users should control + click to download.
  • PDF documents- Viewing documents in the Adobe Acrobad PDF format will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If your computer does not currently have this software installed, click here to download and install this software.
  • Multimedia documents- Multimedia documents available for download from this website are software independent. This means they do not require any specific software to run/view them. Simply download the file (as outlined above) then double-click on the file to execute (begin) playing the multimedia file.

The downloadable Excel documents below are new to the member's section: