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OAAWA – Life Membership Awarded

Optometrists Association Western Australian Division has awarded its fourth life membership to Perth optometrist and indigenous health campaigner Graham Fist.

The Division honoured Mr Fist, 77, with a surprise announcement at the Celtic Club in West Perth on 29 November.  The event was attended by 30 invited guests he has worked with over the years including his dedicated optical dispenser, secretary and wife Noele, and receptionist Suzie Cleverly who has worked for him for 28 years.

Division CEO Tony Martella was MC and President Darrell Baker presented Mr Fist with a plaque. ‘It was a great night and the members really got behind Graham. In his typical modest reply, he was humbled and pleased to have been acknowledged by his peers and the association,’ Mr Martella said.   ‘He reminded all gathered to not only enjoy what they do but to be happy doing it at the same time.’ 

Mr Martella said: ‘Graham’s commitment to the profession, his patients and overall his belief in doing good for others has made him not only a worthy recipient for OAA life membership but a true gentleman and person of the community. Over the years Graham has been a vocal and strong proponent for indigenous health issues, especially those relating to diabetes and eye health.’

‘He has continually written to, met with and lobbied Federal and State governments and Ministers on these issues and remains passionate in not only helping those in need but also making a real difference.  Diabetes and macular degeneration are high on his list of concerns and he always looks to educate and inform those in office as to the importance and need to deal with these diseases.’

Mr Fist’s family has been caring for eyes for 116 years. Sixty years after starting in the family practice, he still works full-time between his city and Kalamunda practices and works one day a week at the Royal Perth Hospital Eye Clinic where he is the longest serving optometrist.

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Photo: Sue Cleverly, Graham Fist, Noele Fist. (Sue has worked as part of the 'Mr Fist the Optometrist' team for 28 years.)

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