Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses


Professional care and advice from an optometrist is essential in the prescribing of contact lenses. Contact lenses must:

  • correct any degree of focusing errors
  • fit without causing any injury to the surface of the eye
  • move on the surface of the eye
  • allow the eyelids to comfortably move over the eye
  • not provoke any reaction from the eye

Your optometrist will:

  • check the health of your eyes
  • measure your degree of focusing error
  • discuss your visual and lifestyle needs to determine the best contact lenses for you
  • measure the curvature of your eyes to ensure the best contact lens fit

Your optometrist will place a trial lens on your eye to assess the fit and will recommend the most suitable trial lenses. They will teach you how to handle, apply, remove, clean and store your lenses and will recommend a replacement schedule. Your optometrist will usually reassess the lenses after they have been worn for a week or two, in order to make sure they’re fitting and performing properly; they will then provide a preliminary prescription and order your lenses.