Caring for your glasses

Caring for your glasses

How do I keep my glasses clean

Glasses should be cleaned regularly. You can buy a special machine washable microfibre cleaning cloth from your optometrist that traps dirt and dust. They may give you one with your new glasses. This cleaning cloth can be used to wipe away finger-prints and minor dirt and dust, but washing your glasses is recommended when they are very dirty or have grease or grime on the lens surface.

How do I wash my glasses

To wash your glasses, you should use a small amount of hand soap or gentle detergent to clean your lenses with your fingertips. Once you have washed the lenses, rinse them with luke-warm water, pat dry with a soft tissue then clean them with your special microfibre cloth. Your optometrist can show you how to do this.

How often should I clean my glasses

Clean your glasses regularly to make sure you are seeing your best. Be careful to not rub your lenses. Once they are washed, they only need to be wiped dry gently with your special cleaning cloth.

How do I keep my glasses in shape

Bent glasses are usually caused when we sit on them or when we do not take care when putting on and removing them. Our glasses are designed to sit on our nose and not on our head—they will easily get out of shape if you wear them this way. You should always use both hands to put on and take off your glasses, put them away when you are not wearing them and clean them as recommended by your Optometrist. This will guarantee years of clear vision and performance from your glasses.

Where do I put my glasses when I am not wearing them

When you put your glasses down, always make sure that the lenses are facing upwards. This will help keep them scratch free and clear for years. Even better, follow the rule that glasses should only ever be ‘on your face or in the case’. Never place your glasses in your pocket, bag or backpack unprotected. Talk to your optometrist about the best way to clean your glasses and to get a special cleaning cloth.

Fact or Fiction

My tee-shirt does a great job cleaning my glasses
Cleaning your prescription lenses with your tee-shirt, an old rag or paper towel may be convenient, but over time your lenses will get scratched.

Hot or cold water
Do not use hot water or anything abrasive to clean your glasses. Methylated spirits may be used to clean particularly stubborn marks on the lenses but never use household cleaners or acetone as they can damage your frames.

My new glasses are scratch-proof
There is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens. New technologies and special coatings have made lenses tougher, but all lenses need to be cared for properly to avoid scratches.