Your Eye Exam

Your Eye Exam

What happens in an eye examination

We detect, diagnose, treat and eye health and vision conditions that affect vision. We can also identify general health conditions that are first detected via a eye exam, provide referrals to eye surgeons (ophthalmologists) and often help manage post-eye-surgery health. For all your family, optometrists can help you ensure you maintain good vision for life. More information.

Patient rights charter

In addition to rights and responsibilities conferred by law, patients of optometrists have a number of rights which includes the following.


Eye examinations provided by optometrists are subsidised Medicare for all permanent residents of Australia. All Australians qualify for optometric benefits without having to take out private health insurance.

You will receive Medicare benefits for eye examinations, except for some contact lens fitting consultations and some examinations that test your visual fitness to drive, fly or be employed by organisations such as the Australian Defence Forces.

Optometrists can direct bill the government on your behalf. This is also known as 'bulk-billing'. Many optometrists direct bill on behalf of pensioners, children and those with limited financial means. This means that all Australians can easily access quality eyecare without having to contribute from their own pockets.

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